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Sugar Bare OC offers organic sugaring for a natural and effective hair removal experience. We use high-quality, organic ingredients, perfect for all skin types.  Committed to eco-friendly practices, SugarBareOC provides a sustainable, luxurious, and health-conscious solution for smooth, cared-for skin.

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Watch your back Razor💌
1000% yes! Sugaring while pregnant is safe! We love our expecting mamas🤗
Let’s restock my Sugar wax studio in Orange County 🍋
Brazilian Sugar>>>>
First time Brazilian is $45- put down your razor right now girlfriend🍯
I just love you all SM!! Thank you to every girl who trusts the process and sees me every 4-6 weeks!
Let’s talk about facial hair! Sugaring will gently remove unwanted facial hair by the root leaving your skin smooth for longer!
I think our bodies are so rad. You can convince me other wise when I’m walking around with my floating organs and I’ve made two whole humans🤗
‼️UPDATE ‼️ Starting July 7th- September 1st I will be closed Tuesday to spend time with my kids on their summer break! ILY ALL SO MUCH!

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