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Sugar Bare OC offers organic sugaring for a natural and effective hair removal experience. We use high-quality, organic ingredients, perfect for all skin types.  Committed to eco-friendly practices, SugarBareOC provides a sustainable, luxurious, and health-conscious solution for smooth, cared-for skin.

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I love a good arm sugar.. I always feel my best when my arms are sugared and smooth with a little glimmer from some body oil💭 Full arm wax: $55
IYKYK🙌🏻 The best form of exfoliation after getting a Brazilian is dry brushing! Now selling a little $6 ‘Rattie Pack’ for my naked mole rat girlies!
Advice for a first time sugar wax girly! 🍯
I mean honestly, what are you waiting for??!
IYKYK 🍯 every Brazilian comes with a free therapy session 😂😂
I’m not against hair, I am just pro confidence which for most woman come from being hairless🍯
One think about me is, I’m goinnng to have snacks 🍬🥜

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